Project Description

Fiat Chrysler Automobile – Goiana – PE

Material and labor supply for assembly, installation and construction of the FCA Goiana plant in Pernambuco.

Project 3E / OHMV / GROUP 0 / GROUPO 3 / 3L

Period; 3 years (36 months)

Brief summary of activities 

  • medium tension (MT) installation and assembly, envolvendo duct bank, cable transits, substations, transformers, duct banks, wire ducts, painel connections, illumination and outlets
  • fire control water network in cast iron, PEAD and Carbon Iron with hydrant installation,  fire control water cannon systems,  fire hydrant boxes, monitoring system etc;
  • automation and energy management of the site; 
  • internal and external illumination installation (normal and emergency) in the site;
  • potable water, cool water and compressed air network installation,
  • refrigeration and air conditioning system installations, cooling towers, pumping systems, installation of refrigeration systems and air conditioning, involving cooling towers, pumping systems, water softener system , AHUs, Spoting Cooling
  • control painel room installation and automation
  • optic fiber dada network

Parameter of importance;

  • 250 thousand vehicles per year
  • total area: 11 million m² / constructed area: 530 thousand m²
  • 16 Fixed Suppliers on site.
  • Peak mobilized labor; 650 people