Project Description

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles – Betim – MG

Supplying of material and labor for execution, installation and assembly of new painting units.
shed G21, shed GSE-8.

Project: New painting / shed G21 and shed GSE-8

Period: 3 years (36 months)

Brief summary of activities;

  • assembly and installation of the entire medium and low tension of the new painting buildings;
  • assembly and installation of the cabin command and installation of energizing painel of the new painting building
  • assembly and installation of the entire infrastructure of beds, electro-roof gutter and electro-conduit of the new paint building;
  • assembly of the new fire alarm system
  • assembly of the fire control hydraulic system, installation of hydrants, water cannon systems hose boxes and monitoring systems,
  • assembly of dams, distribution vaults and the entire energization and illumination network, outlets and energy distribution painel.
  • assembly of medium tension electric cabines of shed G21;
  • assembly of dams and electrical installations of shed G21;
  • assembly of cooled water pipelines and equipment feeding of shed G21;
  • assembly of cooling towers, tanks pumps and softened water treatment systems of shed G21
  • montagem das torres de resfriamentos, tanque, bombas e sistemas de tratamento de água abrandada do Galpão GSE-8
  • montagem das tubulações de distribuição e alimentação de água de resfriamento dos equipamento do Power Train
  • Montagem das cabines elétricas, de automação e comando da rede de distribuição de água fria do Galpão GSE-8

Parameter of importance;

  • 1 million vehicles per year
  • total area: 3 milhões de m² / constructed area: 480 mil m²
  • mobilized labor peak; 630 people