Project Description

Honda – Itirapina – SP

Material and labor supplying for execution and installation of part of electric and hydraulic utilities of the new unit of Honda in Itirapina – SP

  • Period: 24 months – Jul/2014 – Jul/2016

Brief summary of activities:

Development of detailed project of Medium Tension (MT); Low Tension (LT); Illumination; SDAI; SOM; Sprinkler; Hydrants; Utilities System (Gas, Potable Water, Untreated Water, Compressed Air);

  • Installation of substation and distribution of MT LT;
  • Automation and energy management of the site;
  • Illumination installation (Internal and External) normal and emergency; 
  • Installation of fire control system (alarm system, sprinkler, hydrants, pumping room);
  • Installation of supply system of Natural Gas of the site;
  • Installation of potable and untreated water systems; 
  • Installation of compressed air system of the site
  • Electric parameter (installed capacity inMVA); 33,3 MVA;
  • Cables: 753.000 meters;;
  • Infrastructure: 127.000 meters; 
  • Mechanical parameters (pipe weight);
    • Carbon steel tubes: 750 Ton.;
    • PEAD tubes:12.000 meters;
  • Mobilized Labor: 500 people