Project Description

Mercedes-Benz – Iracemápolis – SP

Electromechanic assembly of the vehicle plant including medium and low tension electric installation, protection system of fire control, utility systems including compressed air, hot water, cool water and natural gas, hydraulic installtions and pluvial water.

Period; February of 2015 – in progress

Brief summary of activities;

  • Electrical Installtion
    • Medium tension 13.800V;
    • Low tension 380V
    • Illumination and sockets
  • Utility systems including:
    • compressed air
    • hot water
    • cool water
    • natural water
  • System of fire control and protection
  • Electric parameter (installed capacity in KVA) = 8000kVA
  • Mechanical parameter (pipe weight)= 500 tons;
  • Mobilized labor peak = 300 people.