Project Description

Brief summary of activities:

    • Period: 2011
    • Project: Pau Brasil
    • Client:   Construtora Construcap
    • Project:  Expansion of Michelin’s tire plant in Itatiaia – RJ. 


    Installation and provisions:

  • – 2 boilers, 25 tons each;
    – 4 cooling towers of 100 Trs each;
    – carbon steel tanks for processo water, 120m³;
    – 2 stainless steel tanks for potable water, 15m³ each;
    – pumping stations for fire control with 3 diesel motors with outflow rate of  350 m³/h each;
    – 2 reserve tanks for fire control with 1.5 million liters each;
    – GN docking station for boilers;
    – 2 compressed air generator stations with Atlas Copco compressors;
    – stainless carbon steel pipelines for utility systems with approximately 1,800 tons.
    – fire control system with approx. 8,000 Sistema de combate a incêndio com aproximadamente 8000 sprinkler nozzles and 60  hydrants; 
    – 4 km of ductile cast iron class K-9; 
    – Pipeline accessories, valves, filters, rackets, connection in general, assembly of hydraulic systems with SCH 160 pipes and hydraulic pumps;

  • Hydrostatic and flushing tests for chemical cleaning in many pipe systems;
    Calculation and assembly of support for all of the aerial tubes within the buildings;
    Sizing and assembly of the entire thermic isolation of cool water and vapor network
  • Electrical:
    1. Main substation 138 KV
  • 1.1.   Assembly of  porticos;
    1.2.   Assembly of main and secondary dams;
    1.3.  Assembly of a transformer of20 MVA –  138/13.8KV;
    1.4.  Assembly of 3 breakers 1.250A / 145KV – 31.5KA;
    1.5.  Assembly of a tripolar circuit breaker 1250ª / 145KV;
    1.6.  Assembly of grounding resistor of 13,8KV – 40A / 10 S;
    1.7.  Assembly of one group of high tension protection relay;
    1.8.  Assembly of medium tension general cubicles;
    1.9.   Adaptation of grounding system.

    1. Medium tension interconnection between  the main  S/E with substations PB3; PB4; PB5 and PB6;
    2. Assembly os substations PB3; PB4; PB5 and PB6, with type Gama SMC of Schneider cubicles, equipped with fixed breakers 630A / 350 MVA – 17,5KV;
    3. Installation of three-phase transformer of 2.500KVA, with transformation 13.800 / 440 Volts – IP 23;
    4. Installation of low tension switchboards;
    5. Installation of capacitators and harmonic filters, complete 440V – 900 KVA;
    6. Installation of normal low tension system in 440V, 220V and 127 V;
    7. Supplying of energy panels of the machines;
    8. Installation of emergency low tension system;
    9. Installation of no break system;
    10. Installation of SPDA system/ grounding;
    11. System of normal illumination of sheds measuring 120,000m²;
    12. Distribution of external illumination, with posts of 6 meters, 12 meters and 15 meters;
    13. System of emergency illumination with generators and autonomous blocks;
    14. Installation of detection system and fire alarm
    15. Installation of telephone and data system;
    16. Installation of access control system and detection of intrusion;
    17. Installation of supervision system/CLP.