Project Description

Project: Supplying of material and labor for the electrical installation and of Pecem’s electrical instrumentation

Client;  MPX PECÉM II Geração De Energia S.A (Currently E-ON Group) 

Period; 2 years (24 months)

Brief summary of activities:


  • Infra – structure for cable deployment, installation of panels and instruments – more than 40 tons
  • Electrical systems (DCS, Coal Mills, Coal Bunkers, Energization, TBD, Boiler, FGD, Trafo, Turbine, Bus-Duct and substation)
  • Cable deployment of MT and LT – More than 220,000 meters of cable
  • MT and LT panel installation – 49 electrical rooms and more than 280 panels
  • Installation of transformers and emergency generators – 4 transformers de 2.000 KVA – 8 transformers 230 KV
  • Installation of bus ways of MT and LT
  • Battery banks
  • Illumination and outlets for the entire plant
  • Comissioning



  • Infrastructure for installation of instruments and equipment of control
  • Installation, calibration tests and commissioning of instruments – more than 4 thousand instruments
  • Installation of control panels – more than 200 panels
  • Deployment of command and control cables – more than 300,000 meters of cable
  • Installation of  CFTV, telephones and data
  • Assembly of tubbing systems and respective control instruments – more than 10,000 meters of tubbings


  • Parameter of importance;

Plant with capacity of 425 MW of power


  • Peak mobilized labor; 1,200 people