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Since 1975, GTEL has provided services of assembly, installation and maintenance
in electrical, mechanical, hydraulic and fire fighting sectors.


To maintain our competitiveness in installation management, assembly and electromechanic maintenance.


To be the best in our field of Installation Management, Assembly and Electromechanic Maintenance.


Technology, Quality, Effiency, Respect, Commitment, Ethics


Our policy consists of  our commitment to managing the environmental impacts of our activities, operations and people. It also outlines our commitment to continual improvement. Our principles of environmental policy will endure, processes and associated goals may change to reflect changing conditions.


To satisfy the needs and expectations of our clients by meeting requirements and continuous improvements.


To preserve safety and occupational health o four collaborators through continuous improvements in management and SSO performance, injury and occupational disease prevention and the meeting of pertinent legislative requirements.


To respect the environment through pollution prevention, continuous improvements and meeting environmental legislation.


GTEL seeks to guarantee the rights of data subjects by complying with applicable requirements and legislation and minimizing identified risks and their possible impacts on the organization and on the data subject.

Our Reach

Present all over Brazil, GTEL operates in the segment of light and heavy industrial machinery, commercial and power generating stations. In order to gain new markets and maintain high competitive and innovative standards, GTEL has been developing policies of partnerships with its clients by offering technology, quality and efficiency. Engineers and technical specialists in each one of our field of expertise accompany all of GTEL’s projects and are subjected to rigorous quality control.

Our Strengths

By demonstrating its competence and versatility, GTEL established an excellent reputation within its market. Its qualifications is proven through many affidavits of technical capabilities. Situated in São Paulo, GTEL has a structure that holds both the administrative and technical sectors of the company. It also houses GTEL’s central warehouse with all its equipment resources, tools and a fleet of vehicles to ensure fast and valuable services for our clients.

We maintain a process of continuous improvement of quality looking to ensure excellence in our services.