Project Description

Wartsila Brasil – UTE Suape II

  • Project Name: UTE Suape II – Thermoelectric Plant 380Mw
  • Client:  Wartsila Brasil
  • Project: Assembly of Stationary Electromechanic Moto Oil Generators (17 Units, 22.42Mw each unit) 
  • Period: Jan. – Dec. of 2011
  • Brief summary of activities:


o    Electric

  • Assembly of LT systems (cable beds, electrical ducts, cable launch, connections, installation and commissioning of electrical rooms, equipments etc).
  • Assembly of MT systems (Cable gallery, launching of MT cables, application of MT mufla/terminals, coupling points, commissioning of cables, assembly and installation of MT cubicles, assembly and test of the command and operations room, etc.)
  • Control and command systems
  • Installation and commissioning of generators (Generators Siemens of 22,42Mw each)
  • Installation and commissioning of 3 oil transformes power elevators and synchronization of substation with concessionary substations. 
  • Commissioning
  • Roadway illumination
  • Building installations


o    Mechanic

  • Installation of pipe racks
  • Support
  • Daily feed tanks for systems
  • Pipelines and tubing
  • Steam trace with thermic insulation in rigid aluminum for the oil lines. 
  • Instrumentation
  • Installation of motogenerators  (~300 Tons each), with refrigeration systems, feed, gas discharge ducts and sewage pipes. etc…
  • Coupling between generator and Acoplamento entre shaft of engine groups
  • Installation of Skids
  • Assembly of metallic structures of chimneys and exhaust ducts.
  • Installation of vertical recuperation boilers.
  • Pressure tests
  • Tube ultrasound
  • Scans
  • Stripping,  flushing utilizing “pig” (chemical cleaning)
  • Commissioning


  • Mobilized labor in peak of operations: approx. 250 people